Wiltshire Climate Emergency

Many groups and individuals have been involved in lobbying Wiltshire Council to take action on climate change over the years, most recently when the climate emergency motions were passed last spring. A small group of mostly XR members have met with councillors, including the climate emergency task group and the deputy leader of the council.
The Council has now produced a paper outlining work to date and future plans, as well as a proposal to invest over £5 million to make the council’s own property portfolio carbon neutral; it also plans to change to a renewable energy supplier. The two papers are on the Cabinet agenda on the Council website: items number 10 (update on carbon reduction actions p193-206) and 11 (corporate property and renewable generation p207-224). There is also a paper on air quality. The proposals were discussed and approved at the Cabinet, now for the Full Council meeting (details on the Wilts website). The public is welcome to attend, and a show of support would be useful. Just turn up at County Hall a little beforehand. If you want to ask a question, this has to be submitted a week before.
We have 4 suggested actions to help drive things forward:

1. Attend the full Council Meeting on 26 November at 10.30, when the two proposals will go forward. Please put it in your diaries now. Questions and statements can be submitted a week before.
2. Attend your local community area board meeting (see dates here) and ask what action on climate change is being taken locally and whether there are plans for a special climate change meeting. Anyone can attend, and even if you can’t make the meeting, you can submit a written question

3. If you know anyone who is a member of the Wiltshire Pension Fund, please ask them to get in touch. Members include various academies, voluntary sector bodies, Wiltshire College etc as well as Council employees and ex-employees. The Pension Fund still has £82 million invested in fossil fuels, and it would be useful to have more support in attending Pension Fund meetings.
4. We would also like to set up a small group to liaise on Wiltshire Council Climate Emergency action. If you would like to be part of the group, please email climatechampions@gmail.com quoting Climate Emergency.

Jane Laurie and Jeremy Wire have been attending Council meetings on the climate emergency on behalf of CFB. If you are interested in finding out more, or being involved in any way, please contact climatechampions@gmail.com