• Ask your MP to support urgent climate action here…
  • Solidarity With The People of Mugla here…
  • Stop the Governments Daylight Robbery here…
  • Join the Extinction Rebellion here…
  • Some MPs really don’t like wind. But what about their voters? (More…)
  • Protect the Hedgehog (here)
  • Get away from it all (without flying!) More


Visit Cartridges4Charity.co.uk to find out how to re-cycle your empty printer cartidges and mobile phones in aid of the Against Malaria Foundation. They send you a freepost label to print out so you don’t have to pay postage.

  • Sign this petition calling on major supermarkets to ban small clear plastic bags used for fruit and vegetables.
  • Follow David Attenborough’s advice and leave a spoonful of sugar to help bees. More
  • Swap plastic for a bamboo toothbrush, online or from Christine’s Sustainable Supermarket in Bradford on Avon.
  • Collect water samples and help direct future conservation efforts as part of Bristol Avon Water Blitz, 23rd-29th June. More
  • Order a Wind Power Pack here to show your support, especially on Global Wind Day on Friday 15th June.
  • The Guardian recently asked some top chefs how they minimise food waste in their kitchens. Check out their tips here and see what ideas you can borrow at home.
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