Climate Friendly Bradford on Avon works to reduce carbon emissions and increase sustainability in the Bradford on Avon area.

Our activities are frequent, wide ranging, both fun and serious.
We take every opportunity to raise awareness and take practical action.

We are totally inclusive and there is plenty of opportunity for people of all ages, abilities and interests to get involved.

All are welcome at our monthly meetings, where we usually have a speaker, as well as time for questions and to chat...

To solve the challenges of climate change we need to involve everyone and encourage them all to play their part
Food and drink that is good for us and good for the environment; food that does not cost the earth
Working to promote biodiversity for the good of wildlife, humans and the environment
Reduce energy use, switch to a renewable supplier, generate your own — for reduced emissions and a better life
Reducing reliance on petrol and diesel powered vehicles, to reduce emissions and improve health
Reduce, re-use, recycle — the less you waste the more money you save

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The action groups are where it all happens in Climate Friendly Bradford on Avon.

We like to get on and get things done with the minimum amount of meetings.


  • Ask your MP to support urgent climate action here…

  • Solidarity With The People of Mugla here…

  • Stop the Governments Daylight Robbery here…

  • Join the Extinction Rebellion here…

  • Climate Action Christmas Cards here…

  • Some MPs really don’t like wind. But what about their voters? (More…)





April Meeting – Positive Money

At our meeting on 15th April Andrew Myon from the group Positive Money will be giving a talk: “CAN WE LIVE WITHOUT GROWTH?”

After a very brief introduction to Money, we look at alternatives to the present system such that we could live in our finite world –

March meeting – AGM and Introduction to Extinction Rebellion

We will be having our AGM in March, and an small introduction to Extinction Rebellion (see below)

Monday 18th March
7.00 for 7.30pm at The Quaker Meeting House, 1 Whiteheads Lane, Bradford on Avon BA15 1JU

Shortly after the publication of the IPCC’s report on the transformation needed in global economies and societies if global temperature rise is to be kept below 1.5° above pre industrial levels, a new radical movement made its presence known in London. Established by a group called Rising Up, the movement is called Extinction Rebellion, (XR for short) and as it sounds, it is rebelling against the current rapid extinction of species underway because of the destruction our own species is causing to habitats world wide, through climate change and resource extraction.

Climate Café social + Extinction Rebellion talk

Tuesday 5th February, 6.30pm – Climate Café Social – Bring and share food/drink

Followed by talk at 7.30pm – What is Extinction Rebellion? How should we respond to the Climate Emergency?