Climate Emergency:
2030 Carbon Neutral Declaration

Wiltshire Council and Bradford on Avon Town Council have resolved to seek to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030.   We support that commitment and are embarking on an ambitious journey to help people in our town reach that goal.

What can we commit to doing to work towards carbon neutrality by 2030?

• Renewable energy, yes, but use less energy. We’ve been living as if we have 2 to 3 planets’ worth of resources, we have 1 planet. What can we do: in our Homes, how we get around and how we build new houses.

• To see what energy you use, put the information in a carbon calculator, where can you make changes?  If you need to think of offsetting, do it after reducing energy use.

• Avoid waste – not just of energy – but also of food – refuse unnecessary packaging and cut down on plastic. How can you shop differently?

• Be part of the solution that supports regenerative agriculture, plant bee-friendly plants and have untidy areas in the garden; support increasing our country’s tree cover.

Individual actions may seem small but they add up. Be part of a big movement of people wanting to make a difference by 2030.

Sign up now for working towards carbon neutrality by 2030 and a more positive future.

The 2050 declaration was launched in 2009 and closed end of March 2020. It received 1,154 sign ups




I declare my commitment to play my part in making the Bradford on Avon Community Area carbon neutral by the year 2030.