We used to be called the Tree Group but found this restricted our activity to the winter months. So, in 2011 we realised we wanted to do more about increasing wildlife habitat and corridors and decided to call ourselves the biodiversity group, as it better reflects our purpose.

We now focus on something different each year, while continuing to plant trees and hedges as well as manage those already planted. Suggestions for worthwhile projects are always welcome, so please get in touch with us if you have any ideas.

All of our sessions are very sociable with lots of refreshments including delicious cakes! Tools are provided; we simply ask people to turn up, suitably clothed and shod and work as hard as you are able. While we welcome children most of the time, unfortunately the activities are not always suitable because of the tools and equipment we are using.

If you feel you would like to help the group in any way please email (preferred) or telephone/text 07507 782523.


  • Ask your MP to support urgent climate action here…

  • Join the Extinction Rebellion here…

  • Protect the Hedgehog (here)

  • Follow David Attenborough’s advice and leave a spoonful of sugar to help bees. More


October Update

3rd – 21st October: Botanical Art Exhibition at Queen’s Square, Bath BRSLI
21st October: Biodiversity group meeting 6.15pm at The Swan
27th October: Making bird boxes at Avonsleigh 9-12 noon
30th November: Tree planting with the Woodland Trust at Avoncliff Wood.
State of Nature reports that wildlife in the UK is in decline. Some populations have declined by 60% since 1970. Designated sites for ‘priority species’ has shrunk by 27%.

Fifty Years Ago

The other day I was talking to a friend, also a member of CFB and local Extinction Rebellion activist. I mentioned that what led me to become an environmentalist was listening to the Reith lectures of 1969, by Frank Fraser Darling, an environmental scientist. The lectures were called Wilderness and Plenty. It was in the Christmas vacation of my final year of university, when I had a vague idea of becoming an economist. But after hearing the lectures I knew I had to find work that would be about helping restore and care for our environment.

September Biodiversity Group update

Heather is one of the most glorious sights to see on the moorlands in August, unfortunately the effects of the fires on some moors have reduced its intensity of growth and colour. However heather is a great pollinator over winter for those winter flowering varieties so why not plant some in your garden? BUT please note that in this area soil is alkaline so in sourcing plants make sure they will grow in alkaline soils as up on the moors acidic soils are the norm.
Please do not use compost containing peat as this a valuable store for carbon.
Another great winter pollinator is ivy, a good supply of food to insects as our winter weather is variable.


It is now August and by the time you read this the skies over Bradford on Avon will be quiet and the Swifts well on their way to their winter home in Africa. However, the Swift group remains active and would very much like to collate a list of all the places where Swifts nested this year in Bradford on Avon and the surrounding villages.

August Biodiversity Group Update

Diary dates: 25th August and 29th September 9-12. Owl nest box building, Avonleigh.

** 12th September 10 -2pm. Volunteers needed for the annual rake up of the wildflower meadow at Bearfield, off Ashley Road. We will also be clearing in front of the hedge and removing guards. Refreshments supplied as are tools and gloves. Long trousers and long sleeved tops are recommended to protect against nettles and brambles. Please come along and help us

Need to know who to contact if you find an injured or displaced animal?

Swift Awareness Week in June – Activities

All over the UK events were held as part of Swift Awareness Week (June 22 -30) to highlight the decline in numbers of these amazing birds and to demonstrate how they can be helped. The Bradford on Avon Swift group, an offshoot of the biodiversity group of CFBoA were lucky enough to have Jonathan Pomroy, wildlife artist, author, Swift expert and former resident of Westwood, in town to give a talk on the 29th, followed by a walk to observe and learn about the Swifts which were whizzing around over our heads on the warm midsummer evening.

July Biodiversity Group Update

As previously reported enriching our soils with organic matter will help their growing power. In these days when many people carefully consider their diet, please include soil enrichment as part of this. See the research done by Ros Edwards in the SFADG, to be found on the CFB website. The health of our planet and your health are important.

28th July – the next owl nest box workshop, at Avonleigh 9-12 noon

Report on the JUNE DAYTIME CFB MEETING on Wildflowers and organic gardening.

May Biodiversity Group update

The UN has published a report containing an existential warning of the extinction of natural species and the threat to human life: “BIODIVERSTY LOSS IS AS GRAVE AS CLIMATE CHANGE….

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