March 2019 AGM Report

Minutes of AGM held on Monday 18th March 2019. Apologies were received from Chris Hogg, Maureen Wood, Bill Quantrill and Marion Paul.
Rachel Berger presented her report on the year as chair, and Klaus Huber presented the financial report. The latter shows a healthy balance at present, due to income from the Feed in Tariff on the solar panels at Fitzmaurice School. The last payment will be made in October 2019, following the government’s changes to feed in tariffs. Klaus reported that he expects to hear shortly that the closing down of Climate Friendly Bradford on Avon community interest company has been approved.
There being no nominations for the positions of chair, treasurer and secretary – Rachel Berger, Klaus Huber and Jeremy Wire will continue in their respective posts for the coming year. The coordinating committee comprises the three officers and the coordinators of the six topic groups. The coordinators are as appointed by the topic groups, and are as follows:
Biodiversity: Liz Stephens; Sustainable Food and Drink: Ros Edwards; Zero Waste: Eunice Parker; Active Travel: Jeremy Wire; Energy: Simon Forsyth
Two motions were put to the membership and both were passed. The first was to raise the membership fee from £5 to £10, to reflect the fact that after October, the only certain source of income to cover meetings and group activities will be subscriptions. The second motion was to change the pledge date to achieve carbon neutrality from 2050 to 2030 in recognition of the climate emergency we now face. This new date is the one identified by climate scientists in the report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change on keeping global temperature rise to 1.5° rise above pre industrial levels: just 12 years to turn around the global economy. With our Town Council and Wiltshire Council both declaring a climate emergency and seeking to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030, Climate Friendly Bradford on Avon must align our goals with  theirs and support their efforts. The Coordinating committee will at its next meeting address the question of the changes needed to publicity materials and our on line profile and logo as a result of this decision.
We also welcomed local activists Viv Talbot and John Pearce who gave an outline of the new movement for action on climate change, Extinction Rebellion (XR).