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The group’s focus is about food and drink that is good for us and good for the environment; food that does not cost the earth.

The group is interested in promoting a sustainable food and drink culture in the Bradford on Avon Community Area, and beyond. It’s a forum for exploring the issues, ideas and information, raising awareness, encouraging networking, and supporting environmentally friendly practice and initiatives in the food chain. We would like to be confident that all food and drink is produced to high environmental and ethical standards.

If you feel you would like be involved or help the Sustainable Food & Drink Group in any way please email (preferred) or telephone/text 07507 782523.

Think Globally, Act Locally...

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Read the group’s key documents:
Sustainable Food and Drink – Looking after the Earth
Dietary recommendations for reducing environmental impacts and improving sustainability


  • Join the Extinction Rebellion here…

  • The Guardian recently asked some top chefs how they minimise food waste in their kitchens. Check out their tips here and see what ideas you can borrow at home.

  • Call on your MP to back the amendment for trade democracy, to ensure real scrutiny on food standards. More.


Food and farming

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10 good reasons…

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