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More than 20% of our total emissions come from transport, so, by reducing our reliance on petrol and diesel powered vehicles we can reduce overall CO2e in BoA. For most people local trips in and around the town are possible without the need for a car and it's surprising how easy it is to get about BoA on foot, by bike and on the bus. Our Active Travel Map has been designed with just this in mind.

We are also exploring the possibilities for encouraging electric powered vehicles.  Some retail outlets are about to be approached with the aim of installing electric vehicle charging points in the near future.

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  • Attend a Vehicle Idling Action Bath Training and Action event and think about setting up something similar in the Bradford on Avon area


August update

At the July drop-in coffee morning a small group swapped information on how to travel around Europe (and beyond) without flying. Some great travellers’ tales came from this and we…

July update

It transpired that the cycle swarm morphed into a ‘Walk the Side Streets’ action. Trevor Bedeman of White Stripe, and Paige Balas of the Preservation Trust, trudged through the rain on…

Ebike Converter

ebikeconverter is a local family run business converting all types of bicycles into electric bikes. Ebikes are just a normal bike – but have the assistance there if you need…

Active Travel Map

  In 2012 the Active Travel Map was launched to encourage people to walk, cycle or use public transport for local trips, rather than use the car.It has since been…


Bradford on Avon is a very walkable town, although the hills on the North side can be rather challenging to some! Walking uses zero emissions, is good for your health…


 There are loads of opportunities for cycling in and around BoA.  More and more people are discovering the huge advantages of pedal power – zero emission transport, great for your…

Electric vehicles

Electric cars and vans are already on our roads covering zero emission miles as they go and their numbers are increasing. And, of course, if you are charging your car…

Clean Air Town

Bradford on Avon – A Clean Air Town? Well, no. The traffic causes air quality problems and has done for years. There’s no quick and easy way to limit the…

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