Reduce energy use, generate your own energy, switch to a renewable energy supplier — just some of the things the Energy Group concentrates on to help us move towards carbon neutrality and better lives. And you'll probably save quite a bit of money in the process.

If you feel you would like to help the group in any way please email (preferred) or telephone/text 07507 782523.


  • Stop the government forcing fracking on communities by signing this Friend’s of the Earth petition.

  • Order a Wind Power Pack here to show your support, especially on Global Wind Day on Friday 15th June.


Use Less Energy

Because electricity and gas are so easily accessible and make our lives so much easier and more comfortable, we tend to take them for granted. How often do we ask…

Save Energy

Good insulation allows us to use less energy.  So we’d like to make sure that, where possible, every home in the Bradford on Avon Community Area is fully insulated by…

Switch to a Clean Energy Supplier

Windfarm with sun low over the horizon

If you can’t fit solar panels or other renewable energy source, or simply don’t want to, a really good alternative is to switch to a renewable energy supplier. Ecotricity and…

Thermal Imaging

Thermal image from a domestic house

Thermal images can give us useful information about how efficient our buildings are.  They can highlight potential problems as well as giving us re-assurance that things we have done to…

Energy Efficiency Support

Looking to make your home more comfortable and cheaper to live in? Don’t know where to start? This page will help set you in the right direction. An Installer Network…

Generate Your Own Energy

Photovoltaic panels on the roof of a house

With new, improved technologies and new tariffs, generating your own energy is still very attractive, both financially and to reduce CO2e (CO2emissions). Under the feed-in tariff (FIT) scheme, electricity companies pay…

Invest in Community Energy

Group of people on a roof cheering, with raised arms

Investing in locally generated, renewable energy is becoming an increasingly popular way of individuals helping to increase the amount of clean energy generation. It’s also an ideal solution for those…

Renewable Heat Incentive

Solar water heating panels on a roof

Solar Thermal Hot Water and Domestic Heating in Bradford on Avon In 2011, Climate Friendly Bradford started to promote adoption of Photovoltaic electricity generation across Bradford and the surrounding villages…

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