In Bradford on Avon the arrival from Africa of the Swifts, screaming round the town as they must have been doing since the building of the Saxon church, marks for many the true beginning of summer. But numbers of these amazing birds are dropping and so it was decided to set up a special group devoted to swifts as an offshoot of the biodiversity group.

Bradford's old roofs provide wonderful nesting spaces for these birds but as roofs are insulated and repaired these spaces are gradually being lost so one aim of the group has been to put up nest boxes and to encourage the installation of nest bricks in new buildings. Nest boxes have been installed in the towers of Holy Trinity and Westwood churches.

It is important to know where Swifts are nesting in the town. Swifts return to the same nesting space year after year and if it has been blocked they will probably not nest at all that year.

To join us and help us to keep on helping Swifts please email climatechampions@gmail.com


  • aim for Carbon Neutral by 2030, sign up here,  read the message from our chair here
  • Learn how to tell Swifts from Swallows and Martins. This video is a good way to start
  • If you know where Swifts are nesting, email climatechampions@gmail.com so the owners of the building can be alerted that they have nesting Swifts
  • As much as nesting spaces, swifts need food, and that means insects: minimise your use of sprays in the garden, leave wild corners and remember that so-called weeds are really valuable to insects and often very pretty too!


Swifts August 2019

It’s late summer 2019 and by the time you read this the skies over Bradford on Avon will be quiet and the Swifts well on their way

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