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If we're going to solve the challenges of climate change we need to involve everyone and encourage them all to play their part in some way.

To do this we are working in a variety of ways with local councils, schools, businesses, churches and other community organisations.

If you feel you would like to help the group in any way please email or telephone/text 07507 782523.


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Well it’s definitely summer – but is it a summer ‘adjusted’ by climate change? There has been a lot of stories in the news about the vagaries of the jet-stream – and its impacts: wildfires in Greece, Sweden, Saddleworth, California, Portugal and probably more. Record temperatures in Japan, drought in New South Wales.

I have received a small number of emails with links to quite lengthy reports associated with the recent unusual global weather, ways of mobilising a societal response, how the media has covered it and the possible implications for humankind. Because of their length and probable longevity, we are also making them available on our Facebook page.

The oldest (2017) is a rather hypnotic pulsing circular bar graph of global temperature over the last 100 years or so from CityLab here. ‘Hothouse Earth’: You may well have seen this all over the news and in media from the Stockholm Resilience Centre. Three Worlds, a campaign strategy site had this call-to-arms based on that recent report. The media have of course been having a field day, and MediaLens, a rather interesting media analysis site had this perspective.

Finally, this is a link to a rather frightening scenario received from Nikki Jones, a previous speaker on Land Use and Climate Change. It’s called Deep Adaptation Climate Tragedy. I recommend having a stiff drink nearby for afterwards!


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Monthly meetings

On the 3rd Monday of the month, we get together, normally with a speaker and usually at the Quaker Meeting House, Whiteheads Lane, BoA, BA15 1JU. Please check the Calendar…


The Climate Coalition

Campaigning is really important as it’s the main way of influencing policy at local and national level. MPs and ministers are frequently contacted by grass-roots climate change groups and this…


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Community groups

We give talks to groups such as the WI, Rotarians, climate change groups in other towns and at parish council meetings.  These are great opportunities to engage with people about…

Reaching out

We set up the Climate Friendly Bradford on Avon stall at a wide variety of events. This may be a local street market, summer fair, or school event, in the…

Local Councils

Bradford on Avon Town Council has signed up to our Carbon Neutral 2050 campaign and resolved to support it at its Full Town Council meeting in June 2012.  We have given…


Lots of the businesses in our community area are already signed up to our Carbon Neutral 2050 campaign. If you are a local business and have not yet done so,…

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