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If we're going to solve the challenges of climate change we need to involve everyone and encourage them all to play their part in some way.

To do this we are working in a variety of ways with local councils, schools, businesses, churches and other community organisations.

If you feel you would like to help the group in any way please email or telephone/text 07507 782523.


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Nikki Jones, Chair of Avon Needs Trees, like many of us, is concerned about climate change and is keen to take action to mitigate its impact. Nikki believes that the simplest way forward is plant more trees. Trees and, even more importantly, the soil beneath are key to the sequestration of carbon dioxide and the alleviation of flooding downstream.

July Meeting Report

Our July meeting was addressed by John Hindley from the Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL). This international organisation seeks to address three issues: Pollution, Inequality and Climate Change. Its strategy can be summed up in four words: Tax Carbon, Pay People.

What CCL proposes is that fossil fuels, the burning of which is responsible for much of the pollution we endure in addition to the production of greenhouse gases which contribute to Climate Change, should be taxed and the resultant revenue distributed equally to every citizen, thereby reducing inequality. In other words: the polluter pays.

June Meeting Report

The guest speaker at our very well attended June Meeting was Robin Maynard, Director of Population Matters, an organisation whose chief concern is the planet’s ever-growing population and its impact on the natural world and contribution to climate change.
There is much that results in a degradation of the planet but one factor which is frequently overlooked is human population and its inexorable growth. The Earth’s population hit 1 billion in 1803, increased dramatically from the mid-1800s and is currently 7.7 billion. Consequences include a corresponding increase in CO2 emissions, consumption of freshwater and fertiliser, marine fish capture and loss of tropical forest. We are currently using up the renewable resources of 1.7 Earths and, unless things change, we’ll need three Earths by 2050.

May Meeting Report

Our May meeting was addressed by Mike Perry, an A Rocha / Eco Church voluntary speaker and Environmental Advisor for the Salisbury diocese. Mike had been a biological researcher, with a deep love of the natural world, who was later ordained into the Anglican Church.
A Rocha, from the Portuguese, means ‘The Rock’. It was founded in 1999 and is an international organisation which promotes green and sustainable living. Mike spoke about the Eco Church scheme, how churches using the programme are engaging with the community and how the Eco Church tool can be used by secular community groups to engage people in the local community to work together.

April Meeting Report

Can we live without growth? The Role of Money in the Real World with Andrew Wyon from PositiveMoney.
Andrew began with the startling result of a Positive Money Poll which revealed 85% of MPs don’t know where money comes from! He went on to examine our economy and who controls the growth of money. There has been a steady rise in house prices in the past 20 years, though they took a slight dip after the 2008 financial crisis. Mortgage lending outstripped the rise in house prices until 2008 but then slumped dramatically. Some 97% of our means of payment are just figures in our Bank account. Private banks (the high street banks most of us use) lend money they haven’t got and charge us for using it.

March 2019 AGM Report

Minutes of AGM held on Monday 18th March 2019. Apologies were received from Chris Hogg, Maureen Wood, Bill Quantrill and Marian Paul.
Rachel Berger presented her report on the year as chair, and Klaus Huber presented the financial report. The latter shows a healthy balance at present, due to income from the Feed in Tariff on the solar panels at Fitzmaurice School. The last payment will be made in October 2019, following the government’s changed to feed in tariffs. Klaus reported that he expects to hear shortly that the closing down of Climate Friendly Bradford on Avon community interest company has been approved.
There being no nominations for the positions of chair, treasurer and secretary – Rachel Berger, Klaus Huber and Jeremy Wire will continue in their respective posts for the coming year. The coordinating committee comprises the three officers and the coordinators of the six topic groups. The coordinators are as appointed by the topic groups, and are as follows:

Two tiers of local governance declare a Climate Emergency

This has been a week of excitement regarding action on climate change, giving me some cause for optimism. On 26th February, Wiltshire Council had scheduled two motions relating to climate change; one, from Liberal Democrat Councillor Brian Matthews was to declare a Climate Emergency, with a set of proposals as to how the Council should act if the motion was passed. The second, entitled Environment and Global Warming, focused on what the Council should do regarding its own buildings and property to reduce emissions, put forward by Conservative Councillors Wickham and Whitehead. Some 30 of us, from several parts of Wiltshire, with banners designed by Extinction Rebellion as well as home made ones, stood outside County Hall and handed out flyers explaining the climate emergency to everyone who passed.

Active Travel Group

Biodiversity Group

Energy Group

Sustainable Food & Drink Group

Zero Waste Group