montage: school children with Climate Friendly banner, volunteer groups, large outdoor meeting

If we're going to solve the challenges of climate change we need to involve everyone and encourage them all to play their part in some way.

To do this we are working in a variety of ways with local councils, schools, businesses, churches and other community organisations, including giving talks to other groups and running stalls at events; and campaigning locally and nationally.

We organise a monthly programme of evening meetings with speakers on a variety of topics to do with climate change, sustainable living and biodiversity, and once a month we have a drop-in coffee morning.

If you feel you would like to help the group in any way please email

Climate emergency in Wiltshire

Wiltshire Climate Emergency

Two tiers of local governance


  • Solidarity With The People of Mugla here…
  • Protect the Hedgehog: provide hedgehog highways in new developments here
  • Follow David Attenborough’s advice and leave a spoonful of sugar to help bees. More


Sign Our 2030 Declaration

We hope that on reading this, as a member of CFB or a supporter of our work, you will want to show your commitment by signing up to this new, and much more urgent goal.

March AGM and Talk Report

Our AGM was held on March 16th, just before the lockdown, but after many people were deciding to limit their outings. As a result there were only 14 members present.

Building resilience

‘Building resilience and adapting for the future we anticipate’ and ‘Are we becoming hard wired into buying stuff and getting it immediately’ – reflections from our Chair, Rachel Berger –…

Hustings on the Climate

On 28 November a packed St Margarets Hall heard our prospective parliamentary candidates answer questions ranging from bus and car travel to cleaner energy

November Meeting Report

Environmental Education in Local Schools – the kitchen garden at Christchurch will be used to teach working with nature to grow food sustainably

Active Travel Group

Biodiversity Group

Energy Group

Sustainable Food & Drink Group

Zero Waste Group