Our August meeting will be different from our usual format and location. Our chair, Rachel Berger, is going to tell stories around the theme of the climate crisis and our relationship with the natural world. The event will be participative in that the audience will be invited to reflect on how each story affected them and to suggest improvements that Rachel can make before her next telling.


Monday 15th July at 7.00 for 7.30pm, The Quaker Meeting House
We will hear from John Hindley about (another) intriguing solution to how we can go about cutting carbon emissions. The title of his talk is:
‘Three Problems, One Solution: Pollution, Inequality, Climate Change’

He writes: The Carbon Fee & Dividend policy for which we’re campaigning can (unlike carbon taxation by itself) be expected to redistribute income downwards as well as providing substantial health benefits through cleaner air.

June Meeting – Population Matters

The speaker at our meeting on June 17 will be Robin Maynard, Director of Population Matters. Population Matters is a UK-based charity which campaigns to achieve a sustainable human population, to protect the natural world and to improve people’s lives.
Monday 17th June at 7.00 for 7.30pm at the Quaker Meeting House, BA15 1JU


‘FARM AND NATURE WALK AND TALK’ – Brown Cow Organics Date and time: Saturday 11th May, 10-12am Reserve a place now – all welcome Farm and Nature Walk and Talk – Brown Cow Organics


Next SFADG meeting: Sustainable Food and Drink Group (SFADG) meeting Monday, 29th April 7.30-9.30pm. Venue: the Swan Hotel. All welcome.


Mike Perry from A Rocha UK will be speaking about the Eco Church scheme and how it engages people in the local community to work together on sustainability.
Monday 20th May at 7.00 for 7.30pm

April Meeting – Positive Money

At our meeting on 15th April Andrew Myon from the group Positive Money will be giving a talk: “CAN WE LIVE WITHOUT GROWTH?”

After a very brief introduction to Money, we look at alternatives to the present system such that we could live in our finite world –

March meeting – AGM and Introduction to Extinction Rebellion

We will be having our AGM in March, and an small introduction to Extinction Rebellion (see below)

Monday 18th March
7.00 for 7.30pm at The Quaker Meeting House, 1 Whiteheads Lane, Bradford on Avon BA15 1JU

Shortly after the publication of the IPCC’s report on the transformation needed in global economies and societies if global temperature rise is to be kept below 1.5° above pre industrial levels, a new radical movement made its presence known in London. Established by a group called Rising Up, the movement is called Extinction Rebellion, (XR for short) and as it sounds, it is rebelling against the current rapid extinction of species underway because of the destruction our own species is causing to habitats world wide, through climate change and resource extraction.


The format for our February meeting will be a little different to the usual. Our chair, Rachel Berger, writes: “Climate change is happening very fast, and we have a very small window of opportunity for taking strong action to prevent catastrophe later this century – yet there is little sign of commitment from either governments or individuals to this kind of drastic action. Why?” Paul Hoggett is Emeritus Professor of Social Policy at UWE, Bristol. He is a psychoanalytic psychotherapist and has been involved in training and consultancy to public and voluntary organisations for many years. He is Chair of the Climate Psychology Alliance which seeks to bring insights from depth psychology to our understanding of collective paralysis in the face of dangerous climate change. Paul will give some insights into this collective inertia, and then set listeners some questions to discuss in small groups.