• Request and plant a pack of bee-friendly seeds here.
  • Having a spring clean? Trying to declutter but not sure what to do with that pile of unwanted household items? Rehoming your goods contributes to the circular economy and maximises their use before eventually being recycled or sent to landfill.
    You may already be a member of the local Freegle or Freecycle groups but you could also try Trash Nothing which captures all the local recycling group in one app. Visit Freecycle and Freegle Tips for more details.
    Local selling sites on Facebook provide free alternatives to eBay and Gumtree. All you need to do is add a photo of the item, write a brief description and set a price or offer for free.
    If you’ve had an upgrade recently, you could consider donating your old computer to Computer Aid International, an organisation providing access to technology and education across the world.
  • Donate to Friends of the Earth by switching to a renewable energy supplier. More
  • Sign this petition to make crisp packets recyclable.
  • Attend a Vehicle Idling Action Bath Training and Action event and think about setting up something similar in the Bradford on Avon area. More
  • Donate to Friends of the Earth and receive a bee saving kit here
  • Add your name to this petition to protect public parks and green spaces. Sign
  • Buy a 4Ocean bracelet and and support the campaign to remove plastic waste from the ocean and coastlines. More
  • Switch to Ecosia and plant trees while you search the web!
  • Read the results of Friends of the Earth’s Clean Air Campaign Air Monitoring kit here

Did you know that a range of plastic film and packaging can be taken to the plastic carrier bag recycling points at most major supermarkets, not just bags? This includes plastic magazine and newspaper wrapping, bread bags and bubble wrap. These collection points are often very full (as you can see!) so as an alternative, a range of plastic packaging can be sent to Polyprint for recycling. For the contact details and a full list of what can be recycled visit recyclenow.com.

  • Sign up to support the ‘Fair Fares Now’ campaign to fight ever-rising train fares here.
  • Tell Tesco to stop selling disposable plastic straws by signing here.
  • Join the Say No to Plastic! Facebook group for discussions and tips on how to reduce plastic consumption at home (for example by making your own products) and for advice on setting up initiatives to approach local businesses and more.
  • Sign the Greenpeace petition calling on UK supermarkets to ditch throwaway plastic packaging here.
  • Switch to Ecotricity and the energy supplier will donate up to £60 to the People:Power fund to fight fracking in Britain. More.

When buying fresh fish or meat, take along your own container to save it being wrapped in single-use plastic. The excellent fish stall in the BoA market are very happy to do this and the stall holders reckon it is better for the fish as it prevents it from getting squashed. Members of CFBoA have been able to do the same at the local Sainsbury’s.