• Collect water samples and help direct future conservation efforts as part of Bristol Avon Water Blitz, 23rd-29th June. More
  • Order a Wind Power Pack here to show your support, especially on Global Wind Day on Friday 15th June.
  • The Guardian recently asked some top chefs how they minimise food waste in their kitchens. Check out their tips here and see what ideas you can borrow at home.
  • Sign the petition to ensure the Agriculture Bill includes measures for protecting and enhancing access to the countryside.
  • Help expose supermarkets’ ridiculous packaging practices by sending photos of unnecessary plastic to packaging.uk@greenpeace.org or tweet photos using #PointlessPlastic.
  • Are you concerned by the amount of plastic waste you produce just by keeping yourself clean?
    Take a look at these very useful Plastic-Free Bathroom Swaps for some great suggestions from the Green Shopper, on how to reduce your plastic use in the bathroom

  • Call on your MP to back the amendment for trade democracy, to ensure real scrutiny on food standards. More.
  • Request and plant a pack of bee-friendly seeds here.
  • Add your name to the Parliament petition to stop the incineration of any waste which could be recycled here.
  • Having a spring clean? Trying to declutter but not sure what to do with that pile of unwanted household items? Rehoming your goods contributes to the circular economy and maximises their use before eventually being recycled or sent to landfill.
    You may already be a member of the local Freegle or Freecycle groups but you could also try Trash Nothing which captures all the local recycling group in one app. Visit Freecycle and Freegle Tips for more details.
    Local selling sites on Facebook provide free alternatives to eBay and Gumtree. All you need to do is add a photo of the item, write a brief description and set a price or offer for free.
    If you’ve had an upgrade recently, you could consider donating your old computer to Computer Aid International, an organisation providing access to technology and education across the world.
  • Donate to Friends of the Earth by switching to a renewable energy supplier. More
  • Sign this petition to make crisp packets recyclable.
  • Sign the Campaign for Better Transport’s letter calling for a fund for rail reopenings.