Two years to make a deal for nature

UN’s biodiversity chief warns that if we don’t we could be the first species to document our own extinction.

Cristiana Pasca Palmer, Executive Director of the UN convention on Biological Diversity says pressure needs to be put on governments to set ambitious global targets by 2020 to protect …

Bio-diversity group news

Nest box workshop 25th November

Bradford-on-Avon: Sites are being sought for the nest boxes, species must be known to be present in an area. Species boxes are barn owl, tawny owl, sparrowhawk and kestrel.
The next workshop to make nest boxes …

Biodiversity Group News – August 2018

Next meeting 8th August 6pm at The Swan Future events: 8th September: Interactive Science Day at The Mead, Trowbridge. 3 hands on practical activities will be undertaken by CFB. Volunteers needed (11am – 3pm) 20th August: Workday at Bearfield Cutting back the growth around the orchard, planting seeds etc. Volunteers needed (10am-12noon) Swifts A count … Read more

Swift Group Update

June 16th – 23rd was the first ever National Swift Awareness Week and the Bradford on Avon Swift Group (an offshoot of the biodiversity group of Climate Friendly Bradford on Avon) put on a number of events to raise awareness of how we can help these charismatic birds


In 2012 we concentrated on encouraging people to plant butterfly friendly plants in their gardens as some species are in decline. They were then encouraged to take part in a butterfly survey organized by the Butterfly Conservation Society, which can illustrate the effects of climate change. We’re also undertaking several wildflower mix planting sessions in and around … Read more


During 2012/13 we decided to monitor swifts. BoA is very fortunate to be visited by these wonderful birds, who make their homes in this area. They are dependant on the availability of food and nesting sites which can be natural or artificial. Nestboxes make great presents and can help maintain the swift population. Several nest … Read more


What is happening to our bees? Bees are very important insects because they pollinate our wildflowers and crops. Sadly things aren’t going well and they are declining at a worrying rate: Two species of bumblebee have become extinct; Managed honey bee colonies fell by 53% between 1985 and 2005; Wild honey bees are in serious … Read more

Tree and Hedge Planting

Tree planting history: In the winter of 2008/09 our first project was to plant 850 trees in Barton Farm Country Park, working closely with the Wiltshire Council Countryside Ranger. This huge undertaking involved around 300 people from the local community and all the local schools. Since then we have: In 2009: 20 people planted a … Read more