Swifts June update from Rowena Quantrill

In the warm days of May up to 40 Swifts together could be spotted wheeling over Bradford on Avon and young birds were throwing themselves in a frenzy of exploration at any potential nesting place in our neighbour’s roof while an established swift screamed from under the tiles. How lovely these birds are to watch. We have not been able to turn on the swift calls in either Holy Trinity or Westwood church this year so it will be interesting to see if there is any sign of the boxes there being used nevertheless.

COVID 19 restrictions make the full survey for nesting swifts in Bradford that we had planned for this year almost impossible but we’d love, nevertheless, to have a fuller picture  of where they are nesting in Bradford on Avon and surrounding villages so that anyone planning renovations can be advised on leaving space available or, if necessary, putting up a swift box. Swifts will return to the same nesting place year after year and if it has disappeared they will probably not nest at all. So we rely on all of you to report on any swifts you spot entering a possible nesting space, please send your sightings to us at climatechampions@gmail.com

Don’t forget too that as much as nesting spaces, swifts need food and that means insects so PLEASE minimise your use of sprays in the garden, leave wild corners and remember that so called weeds are  really valuable to insects and often very pretty too!