Action Groups*

Our action groups are where it all happens in Climate Friendly Bradford on Avon. We like to get on and get things done with the minimum amount of meetings.  If you want to get involved or find out what's happening you've come to the right place.

Email if you would like to help any of the groups in any way

Active Travel Group

Walking and cycling are more fun, healthier and reduce carbon emissions. Electric vehicles will help improve the air we breathe, so we are encouraging the installation of vehicle charging points.

Biodiversity Group

Tree and hedge planting, providing wildlife corridors, encouraging a wide variety of flora and fauna. This group does it all, gets loads of exercise and eats lots of cake!

Community Involvement Group

Climate Friendly Bradford on Avon is about working with people – talking to them, getting them to be active, encouraging their curiosity. Our group is constantly finding ways of engaging the community in CFB's work.

Energy Group

Reduce energy use, save energy, make our own energy - 3 steps towards carbon neutrality and better lives.

Sustainable Food & Drink Group

The group’s focus is about food & drink that is good for us and good for the environment. Food & drink that does not cost the earth.

Swifts Group

Swifts are only with us for three months but their survival depends on being able to find places to nest and insects to eat while they are here.

Zero Waste GroupZero Waste Group

Reduce the amount we need to buy; re-use as much as possible; recycle whenever we can. By doing this we're making the best use of the earth's resources.