November update

The Repair Café on Saturday 2nd November 2019 was a great success. 22 people brought 29 items for repair by experts in sewing, bikes, tool sharpening and general repairs. Repairs included patching an inflatable dinghy! We were given £100 in donations for repairs and refreshments.  Coffee and biscuits were enjoyed along with the opportunity of a good chat. We had the Rugby World Cup Final on a laptop but it scarcely received a glance! We plan another café in Spring 2020 and will be asking if anyone can help with electrical repairs.

Wilts Council are starting to overhaul 45,000 bulbs with LED lighting. The project  will cost £12m but will save the Council in future.


Sainsburys now have bags costing 30p made from recycled plastic bottles for loose fruit and veg, instead of plastic bags.
Heineken are ditching single use plastic rings and shrink wrap and replacing them with eco-friendly cardboard. This will cut carbon emissions associated with multipacks by a third.

Maureen Wood