Zero Waste Events

Zero waste events are those where no waste or rubbish is left behind. So, anything brought to the event should be in re-usable or recyclable packaging and any waste should be re-cycled or composted.

CFB’s Zero Waste Group would like to encourage event organisers to think about the amount of waste generated by their event and for them to take active measures to keep waste to the minimum. This checklist might help.

Zero Waste event check list

  • Appoint a named person to be in charge of recycling after the event and make sure participants know who s/he is and that they need to give support.
  • Have a set of bins/bags to sort rubbish into-­ tins and cans, bottles, plastic bottles, paper, card and plastic bags. You may need a set for “behind the scenes” and another for visitors. Label them clearly to inform people you are serious about waste reduction. All that needs to go in a black bag is cellophane or crisps type packaging.
  • Christine’s Sustainable Supermarket, Karen’s greengrocery and Mercy in Action all reuse clean, used plastic bags.
  • Nightlight holders can be recycled as they are made of aluminium.
  • Try to avoid disposable items but remember cardboard cups , plates and table coverings should be recycled, not thrown away. Ruby Red off licence provides free glass hire if you buy drink from them.
  •  Remove all posters from around town after the event and recycle where possible. N.B. laminated posters cannot be recycled and their use should be kept to the minimum
  • If at the end of a selling event you have items that you cannot hold over for a future event please sort accordingly-­ good, useful stuff to be taken to a charity shop or offered on Freegle and less desirable stuff recycled according to its make up. Tatty books can go with waste paper, odd glasses with bottles and metal items can go to the main Hills recycling centre in Canal Road, Trowbridge.
  • Left over or partly eaten food can be a problem.  Provide a bin for tea bags. For coffee grounds, salads, fruit & veg waste -­ somebody with a compost heap will willingly take ownership of this. See if anybody owns a food digester – such as a Green Cone or Green Johanna and they can feed in all other food waste.