Wiltshire Climate Emergency

Informal Report From Full Council on Tuesday 26th November

All our speakers were brilliant, to the point, and pressing for action. The rest of the meeting had some interesting moments and the discussion on the Climate Emergency report was quite lively, but really still no real sense of emergency. Phillip Whitehead, to my “this is an emergency” statement said he had lots of emergencies, like zebra crossings, homeless etc. and had to prioritise!!   I couldn’t respond to that as I’d already had my time. There was a lot of comment on road building vs public transport (Cons / LDs), green spaces, cycleways, zero carbon school runs (a good target). LDs were pushing on every point for solid plans and programme.

Richard Clewer restated that he would come back at the same time next year to report on the outcome of the studies they were going to carry out on various options. There was real push back from around the chamber on the energy company idea (Norwich or Nottingham have tried it but are losing a fortune for some reason). The event was webcast here   – the public participation is 14 mins in for 20 minutes; discussion of the Climate Emergency starts at 3hr 55min in.   Jane Laurie