What Is Sustainable Food?

Ultimately sustainably sourced food and sustainable practice throughout the food chain is in everyone’s interest. The following nationally recognised sustainable food frameworks can help guide us:

Nationally recognised sustainable food frameworks:

The Government Buying Standards for Food and Catering (for the public sector).

These recommendations of minimum sustainability standards are likely to be good initial guidance for us all.

See Positive Choices or go to the Government’s website.

The Food for Life Partnership

The Soil Association’s Food for Life Partnership (FfL) is currently (2012) working with 4,300 schools in England. The awards framework integrates the thinking about healthy eating with considerations about sustainable sourcing, fresh local, high quality ingredients and a whole school approach: Food for Life Partnership

The FfL Catering Mark works with many school catering businesses, hospitals, universities etc. across the country.

The Sustainable Restaurant Association.

The Sustainable Restaurant Association star rated framework gives restaurants advice and support to develop good practice across three main sustainability categories – Sourcing, Environment and Society. For more information or to use their restaurant directory, see The Sustainable Restaurant Association.