The Climate Coalition – report of April meeting

On Wednesday, April 8 Rowena joined an online meeting of The Climate Coalition (TCC) on behalf of Climate Friendly Bradford on Avon. TCC is the overall body for many groups, from large charities such as WWF, Oxfam, Woodland Trust etc to small, local groups such as ours, who are working on climate change issues. Discussion centred on the present situation, how groups were able to continue campaigning and how the economic situation post COVID 19 may affect work on combating climate change. There were some very interesting presentations and hopefully we can share a link to the slides in our next newsletter.

They thought it likely COP 26 would be postponed until June 2021 though just possibly might happen in March. It was noted that investment in climate change issues may be much harder to get in the future because of the economic situation and TCC need to communicate this. It was advised that messages should be softer, proactive and Positive and about a unifying future. Now is the right time for messages provided they are done sensitively. Issues such as resilience and air pollution are important.

There has been a shift to respect for scientists and experts and important to build on this and bolster ‘listen to the scientists’

It was noted that people on the front line of the climate crisis are also on the front line of COVID 19.

The economic crisis could be very severe but stimulus must be aligned with the Paris agreement. There are some allies in government e.g. Zac Goldsmith has been writing some interesting stuff.

There was discussion about 2020 plans. The Green New Deal group has an action plan on Green stimulus and pressing government to increase activity at community level. There will be a declaration to be signed by as many people as possible. It was good to be able to say that though many CFBoA practical activities have had to stop we are working to promote our own new carbon neutral 2030 declaration.

A proposed slogan for the future ‘Building Back Better’.