The Carbon Intensity of our local energy supply

As you may know, our electricity supply comes from many sources in different proportions at different times of the day. The Conversation newsletter recently had this: Energy supply and demand during lockdown – which had a best forecasted time (in carbon intensity terms) to bake bread here.

Well it turns out that the National Grid also have a carbon intensity website which has brought forth an app. The National Grid one also shows regional variation, which is very useful and frankly fascinating – it turns out for instance that BoA is within the South West region and at midday Saturday had 80% of electricity supplied by solar, with 10% nuclear (i.e 90% ‘zero-carbon’); but Trowbridge at the same time, just down the road but in the Southern region, had 44% of its electricity being supplied by gas and only 34% solar (so around 50% zero-carbon). But the two information sources may well complement each other, eg according to who uses twitter, Alexa, SMS etc. Can we ask CFB members for feedback on which one (or both) they would recommend and why here?