Swift Awareness Week 2019 Activities

All over the UK events were held as part of Swift Awareness Week (June 22 -30) to highlight the decline in numbers of these amazing birds and to demonstrate how they can be helped. The Bradford on Avon Swift group, an offshoot of the biodiversity group of CFBoA were lucky enough to have Jonathan Pomroy, wildlife artist, author, Swift expert and former resident of Westwood, in town to give a talk on the 29th, followed by a walk to observe and learn about the Swifts which were whizzing around over our heads on the warm midsummer evening. Over 30 people were at the talk and we all learnt a great deal about Swifts but also how much is still unknown about their incredible lifestyles. On the Sunday Holy Trinity Church kindly hosted an exhibition of Jonathan’s paintings and many people came along to see these, buy a copy of his book, On Crescent Wings, and learn more about Swifts and how climate change is one of the factors affecting their decline.

STOP PRESS We are pleased to say that the two Swift boxes at The Old Windmill are now occupied (by Swifts) As far as we know this is a first for Bradford on Avon Swift boxes though there have, certainly, been occupied boxes in Westwood.

Rowena Quantrill