Sustainable Food & Drink Group Update — July 2018

Saturday 4th August – CFBoA “Farm and Nature Walk and Talk” at Hartley Farm
We have a good number of sign ups for this event. The closing date for reserving a place is 21st July. Please note that there are only a limited number of places left for those who would like to join the Biodiversity Group guided walk to Hartley Farm, leaving Bradford on Avon at 9am – meeting point still to be confirmed. The farm walking tour will start at 11am from the meeting point at Hartley Farm. We will be in touch with everyone who has signed up with final details nearer to the date. For full details of the event click here. To reserve a place please contact climatechampions@gmail.comThe SFADG has been discussing a range of relevant issues with Wiltshire Council representatives over the last few months, which has been very constructive. They are actively raising the visibility of the importance local food and drink with Wiltshire Council and we have had an opportunity to support them in this.

Allotments of varying sizes are now available at 50p per square metre. Contact or telephone the Council Offices on 01225 864240. SFADG members who have an allotment tell us that most of the problems assocaited with the administration of the sites over recent times have now been sorted out. There is greatly improved communication now between the management and the allotment holders, who were delighted that some council members worked alongside them, clearing unused plots, ready for reletting. There is now improved uptake and an enjoyable camaraderie has developed on the growing sites.
BoACA (Bradford on Avon Community Agriculture) is looking for a grower to take over their productive 3 acre site with all the infrastructure in place for sustainable agriculture. Contact:  Bees and Food Production
A recent programme on Radio 4 Extra looked at the significance of bees and food production. Click here to listen