Sustainable Food & Drink Group (SFADG) Update – August 2018

1. BoA Thursday morning market: Jonathan Francis of Avonleigh Orchards will be selling his own biodynamically produced fruit and veg (local, environmentally-friendly produce at its best) through August at our wonderful local market, whilst Alice Boden of Mayfield Organics takes a well-deserved summer break. Alice will be back on 6th September, selling produce from other suppliers also.
2. Visit to Hartley Farm: The “Farm and Nature Walk and Talk” on 4th August was a shared initiative between the SFADG and the Biodiversity Group. It was a very interesting and enjoyable event. Thanks to all involved. See separate item for the feedback.
3. Farming shortfalls of crops as a result of the prolonged global heatwave and the possibility of food shortages if there is a no-deal Brexit highlight the vulnerability of our food supplies. Read more….
4. Organic farm showing more resilience to this extraordinary summer weather, compared with conventional farming neighbours Helen Browning, CEO of the Soil Association, talks about why that is the case on her farm blog in July.
5. Grounded: the head chef, Louie, from this BoA riverside eaterie selects fresh fish from the wonderful Harts Seafoods stand at our (Library carpark) Thursday morning market each week for their weekly market specials, according to the August edition of Life in Bradford on Avon. Mmmn….sounds good! Remember when choosing seafood to select fish rated 1-3 by the Marine Conservation Society, with 1 being the most sustainable option.
6. Next SFADG meeting: Tuesday, 11th September 7.30-9.30pm. All welcome, however date and venue to be confirmed, so check the website before coming, or contact and ask to be included on the SFADG circulation list.