Sign Our 2030 Declaration

There was a very telling cartoon this spring in The Economist. Entitled ‘The Preliminary Round’ it depicts two figures sparring – one figure with a globe for a head, representing the world and the other with a corona virus for a head. Waiting behind them but looming over them is a far larger figure with a burning sun for a head, labelled climate change.

Inevitably at present we are totally preoccupied with the global pandemic which is causing so much devastation and sorrow to so many. When we finally come out of it, however, we must ‘build back better’ and ensure that as much energy is put into tackling climate change.  We would love more of our supporters to sign and prove just how many of us there are that recognise the ever more urgent threat of climate change and are prepared to take action to tackle it.

In our April newsletter we reported how ‘Times have changed; insufficient action by governments, businesses and ourselves have meant that time is running out and we now need to seek to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030 to avert climate breakdown’ as stated in our Town Council’s (and many others) Declaration of a Climate Emergency. We hope that on reading this, as a member of CFB or a supporter of our work, you will want to show your commitment by signing up to this new, and much more urgent goal.

We are extremely grateful to Sarah Clarke (Mawdsley) and Jeff Pigott, who were the original designers, for redesigning our logos and header to reflect our more ambitious carbon neutral by 2030 target. Thank you in hope.