September update

Update on Terracycle and other Recycling Points in BoA

Crisp Packets ( All Brands) Co-op Bridge Yard, Bearfield Church Huntingdon St.
Toothbrushes, Toothpaste tubes, electric toothbrush heads Health Centre Dental Practice Station Approach.Toothbrushes Dutch Barton Dental Practice Church St
Batteries Co-op, Sainsburys, Silver St Pharmacy.
Contact Lenses and Packaging Carter and Harding Opticians The Shambles
Baby Food Pouches Little Fishes Pharmacy, Youth Centre, Frome Rd Fri 10-11.30
Inhalers St Margaret’s St Surgery, Bridge St, Silver St Pharmacy
Water Filter Cartridges Sainsburys
Reusable carrier bags Donate to Christine’s or Karen at Bloomfields in The Shambles
Carrier bags,bread bags, breakfast cereal bags, frozen food bags, dry cleaning bags, magazine and newspaper wrappers, fruit and veg bags bubble wrap, shrink wrap and joiners from multipacks of water or cans, low density polythene resin IDCode 4, Sainsburys recycling bins in Car Park (No wonder they always seem to be full!)
Pet F ood Pouches , Flexible Plastic Pet Treat and Dry Pet Food Packets Clearwood Cattery, 17 Clearwood, BA13 4BD WESTBURY
Black bottle tops and lids, small ones only post to FREEPOST Lush Green Hub
So lots of opportunities for recycling items in BOA
Oct 4th will be No Disposable Cup Day. Not a very catchy name but a worthwhile idea. Members of the Zero Waste group are going to be asking coffee bars in BOA to encourage drinkers to bring their own cups and give a discount on drinks if people do so.