Refill your water bottles — for free!

Calling all drinkers!

We know how important it is to carry a drink when you are out and about – at work, at school, walking, cycling or out for the day. Well, now there is a Refill Revolution taking place in Bradford on Avon, around the country and in Europe to help you refill your water bottle for FREE! 

Climate Friendly BoA has persuaded over 30 businesses in the town to sign up to a new scheme allowing people to refill their water bottles on their premises, for no charge, rather than buy single use water bottles.  This will reduce plastic waste and litter in our countryside and rivers. There will be Refill stickers in the windows of most of the Refill Stations. 

Also a Refill app shows which businesses nearby are happy to fill water bottles. The app offers reward points when people fill their bottle, which can be redeemed to earn a stainless steel water bottle.  The app is free, so for IPhones look up ‘Refill’ and androids find ‘Refill Beta’ in the app stores.

The sticker on the bottle was designed by Kitty from St Laurence School.

You can sign up to the Bradford on Avon pledge at to stop using single use plastic bottles; please include your name and post code.

Find out more about the Refill scheme here.

So drink with a clear conscience that you are helping to reduce plastic waste.  Thank you!