Re-think rubbish

It has been estimated that over half of what is currently going into landfill is being needlessly discarded.

So, what should we be doing?  We need to think differently about our rubbish with an emphasis on reducing and re-using, so there is less to recycle or dispose of.

Some practical advice for reducing or re-using:

  • before you buy or obtain things ask if you really need them.
  • check your cupboards and fridge before doing a food shop.
  • always make a list before going shopping, so you only buy what you need.
  • eat/use everything you buy.
  • shop where you can buy unpackaged good so you can buy the exact amount you need.
  • always take your own bags when you go shopping and refuse disposable carriers.
  • buy refills where possible.
  • try not to buy disposable goods.
  • buy fewer prepared meals – make your own from raw ingredients; this is probably healthier anyway.
  • unpack some goods at the checkout and give back excessive packaging.
  • start a compost heap at home – Wiltshire Council have a page to tell you how.
  • give unwanted things to charity shops or try Freegle.
  • re-use things like plastic tubs for storage, back of paper for everyday printing, etc.
  • repair things for re-use.
  • eliminate junk mail using the mail preference service – 0845 7034599.