Quick Ideas to Reduce or Cut Out Plastic

Here are some items you can buy to reduce or cut out plastic.

Starting at the top left of the photo you can see cotton panty liners sold in cardboard packaging; plastic free floss in a glass container; deodorant in a glass pot and then interdental brushes that have bamboo handles, not plastic.  Next is a cotton bag for sandwiches or other picnic foods.  It has a waterproof lining but can be used many more times than a plastic bag. The organic bamboo square is a pot scraper and it is really good!  Who’d have believed that a piece of bamboo can take food and marks off metal pans? Then there is a handmade cotton sponge with bamboo filler to use when washing up or cleaning the house. And finally a child’s spork, an all-in-one spoon and fork to use when out and about.

These were all bought from Coconut and Cotton in Shaftsbury but similar items can be purchased much closer to home – Christine’s Sustainable Supermarket in BoA, Harvest in Bath…