October update

30th November: Tree planting with the Woodland Trust at Avoncliff Wood.

State of Nature reports that wildlife in the UK is in decline. Some populations have declined by 60% since 1970. Designated sites for ‘priority species’ has shrunk by 27%. The most threatened species are hedgehogs, hares, bats, some birds and insects. Looking at all living wildlife 1 in 7 of 8400 UK species are at risk at vanishing with 133 lost since 1500. More here.

The Government’s response to the petition to ‘Outlaw planning applications that include removal of mature trees or hedgerows’ is that although they provide beauty, wildlife, health and well-being benefits not all can be saved. They have a 25 year Environmental Plan which includes a commitment to ensure that they leave the environment in a better state than when they inherited it. Developers will be required to deliver biodiversity net gain in a new Environment Bill which has yet to be processed through Parliament.

October is when hedgehogs prepare for hibernation. Why not create a wood pile or hedgehog house. Any hedgehogs out in daytime are likely to be dehydrated, if they have any wounds clean them with salty water. They are great in a garden –eating slugs and snails. So please help them.    Liz Stephens