November Meeting Report

Environmental Education in Local Schools – the kitchen garden at Christchurch will be used to teach working with nature to grow food sustainably.   Actively involving the children with nature has been part of the Mead school’s life for many years, and Westwood School has an eager Eco Council.   All this gives opportunities to children which are very much enjoyed, but to make these opportunities happen many volunteers are needed.   See the results of such work in the picture below.

Mel Jacob, who is Chair of Governors of the Mead School (Hilperton and Wingfield sites) and founder of Trowbridge Big Community Grow, has done phenomenal work over many years, inspiring environmental awareness in young people and families.  Lizzie Munday, with community volunteers, has transformed the overgrown kitchen garden at Christchurch School.

Breeshey Williams, teaches at Westwood School and runs the school’s Eco Council – they are aiming for Eco Schools Green Flag award, with a focus on reducing litter and waste produced by the school, increasing biodiversity in the school grounds and veg growing.

The message I took away from the evening is that children of all ages need to mess about in mud, mess about with poo (preferably chicken!), make compost, climb trees, appreciate sticks, plant seeds, nurture them, harvest the produce and make something to eat. And adults need to foster that and join in.  Ed.