Nominate Local Businesses for Reduction In Plastic

2018 will be remembered as the year the world woke up to the plastic peril, thanks in no small part to the “Blue Planet 2” series, and the film “A Plastic Ocean”. The revelation of the damage being done by plastic to the natural world came as a shock to many.  We have come a long way from celebrating plastic as a wonder material to modern “Return the Plastic” events at supermarkets.

In Bradford on Avon local businesses and organisations have been stepping up to the challenge, and we have highlighted some of these changes and support in this Facebook group. Some local businesses have phased out plastic straws and stirrers, encouraged people to bring their own containers for refills, and there is talk of one or more water fountains though nothing yet provided. 

In order to recognise the achievements in Bradford on Avon, “Plastic-free Bradford on Avon” is to give Plastic Reduction Awards. There are two categories, one for the business community such as the shops, supermarkets, restaurants, pubs and cafes, one for organisations such as the council, schools and community and sports groups.

What we are looking for is not just the “greenest” business or organisation as these may be fairly easy to identify, but those that have made the greatest shift from their baseline at the start of 2018 to reduce plastic .

If you would like to nominate a business or organisation please post its name in the group along with the reasons. You are welcome to nominate your own business/organisation. The deadline is 31st December and we will announce the winners in January 2019.