Monday 18 May 7.30pm – talk on eco anxiety

Our May meeting will be a virtual meeting via zoom.  Caroline Hickman of Bath University will talk about Eco anxiety. What feelings are evoked by the multiple crises’ we are facing today with the Covid virus, climate change & bio-diversity crisis?   And how do we find hopeful stories in the midst of the increasingly worrying news?

To join in, you need to email Rachel  indicating your wish to attend. You will need a laptop, tablet or smartphone. for the latter two you need to download the Zoom app. A few days before the 18th, Rachel will send out the link for the meeting, and you just click on that link to get into the meeting.

Climate psychologists, rather than seeing these feelings as something to be “fixed”, “cured” or kept under wraps, describe them as healthy understandable responses – human reactions that empathise directly with the planet. And argue that it is only by acknowledging and working with the feelings that we can release the collective energy to respond with the urgency demanded today.