May update

BonA Food and Drink festival: 1st June – Victory Field, Frome Road. There will be plenty of amazing food and drink to eat, lots of wonderful shopping opportunities and plenty to keep you occupied.

Brown Cow Organics – CFB ‘Farm and Nature walk and talk’: We were welcomed and shown round this beautiful farm by Judith Freane, who farms with her husband, Clive, and were sent home with a pot each of their delicious River Cottage yoghurt (also available from Hartley Farm Shop). The yogurt and meat from this organic Guernsey dairy and beef herd is high in A2 beta casein and can be ordered online or by telephone for delivery or collection.

Our walk was fully subscribed and the first message afterwards said: “Thank you so much for a splendid visit to Brown Cow Organics. I really enjoyed the walk and chat along the way. Such a beautiful place and a marvellous example of organic farming. It was my first outing with Climate Friendly and I loved it.”

Wny visit a farm? Visit a farm on LEAF Open Farm Sunday on 9th June 2019 and discover the world of farming. Find out about the story behind our food and how farming affects our everyday lives. Each LEAF Open Farm Sunday event is unique. Activities range from machinery displays, tractor and trailer rides, through to demonstrations, nature walks and much more!   Ros Edwards