Local Food Availability In A Time Of Crisis

Please see here information that the SFADG has been sent about local food outlets, who are innovating and working incredibly hard to keep us supplied with good food at a time of great challenge. Let’s hope that some good things come out of this crisis. Local food distribution systems are strengthening and people valuing much more highly the food that can be produced locally and independent shops, who have shown that short local supply lines have great resilience. Along with our health care staff and many others, our farmers, producers and outlets, their staff and many volunteers, are doing a fantastic job to look after us. Thank you so much.  –  Ros

The Food Bank continues to be open Monday – Friday 10-1pm for food parcels for those that cannot afford to buy food. They are happy to deliver food parcels as a number of the volunteers are willing to continue to volunteer in this way. They are well supplied at the moment as the local community has been generous with both food and money.           –  Avril Clarke, Coordinator of the Food Bank