Lamppost Charging

The air quality in our towns is not great. Zero emission Electric Vehicles (EV) can help but unfortunately many of us have no driveway to charge them. Well, a solution may be just around the street corner.

Ubitricity, a Berlin based business, is rolling out a network of lamppost based chargers following trials in London and Oxford. A wide variety of lampposts are compliant and installation is ‘relatively’ simple since the charging intelligence (electricity consumed, billing etc…) is handled within an intelligent cable that the customer purchases. Along similar lines, Oxford has recently been awarded £474,000 by Innovate UK to undertake the world’s first city trial of ‘pop-up’ on-street charging points, again using the same intelligent cable.

Of the two solutions, the sustainability of taking an existing lamppost and adding an upgraded EV compliant door feels the better direction but let’s not complain because more charging options = Happier EV drivers.

If we would like to trial these lampposts in Bradford on Avon, Bristol based OVO Energy has a partnership with Ubitricity and is allowing people to register interest here.