June update

Grazing Livestock part of the solution to climate change, not the problem:  This month the Farming Minister has made a statement that grazing cattle and sheep on uplands and as part rotational farming is part of the solution to climate change, not the problem. In the wake of the report by the Committee on Climate change, he has said that climate targets can be met without reducing livestock production in the UK.

Visit to Brown Cow Organics
Read here more feedback from the group that took part in on our visit on 11th May to this organic dairy and beef farm.

Next SFADG meeting Monday 8th July 7.30-9.30pm. Venue: The Swan Hotel, BoA. All welcome.
Our last meeting included a discussion, and concern expressed by all present, that following Brexit and the Agriculture Bill, there will be a green light given to the fast-tracking of various high-tech innovation in UK agriculture, including genetically modified crops and farm animals. This next meeting will include a talk on ‘Food security and climate change: a role for genetic modification’ by Dr Huw Tyson (a member of CFBoA) who was formerly a plant and microbial research scientist, working in the UK and USA on various crops and including the use of genetic modification. He then moved into science administration, working for 15 years at the UK government agency that funds research in biological sciences, where he helped to set up the multi-agency Global Food Security programme. Ros Edwards