June update

Bountiful Berries  “Productive soft fruit is the most cost-effective of all food growing when you compare with shop prices, productive being the operative word here. It is very easy to do little and have plants that do the same.” Lovely article here on how to care for your soft fruit to get great crops by Alys Fowler Guardian garden columnist on Sat 30 May.

Agriculture Bill   Very disappointing that amendments aimed at support for agroecological food production and ensuring that future trade deals do not allow food imports of lower standards were not passed at the third reading of the Agriculture Bill. The way the voting split is very informative! To see how your MP voted see here. Is there any hope that the Lords will require the House of Commons to reconsider these issues so important for our future?

Our document on local food availability. The updates and new entries to the list are highlighted in red.  Update by Ros Edwards