July update

Success at the BOOM Awards: at the Soil Association’s BOOM (Best of Organic Markets) Awards Brown Cow Organics has come top in both the Yoghurts and Chilled Desserts subcategory and the Charcuterie and Processed Meats subcategory for their beef burgers from their Guernsey dairy beef herd. We had a really interesting and enjoyable farm walk there on 11th May.  Nigel Gerdes was clearly of a mind with the judges when said that he could vouch that the yoghurt (we each received a large pot as a gift after the farm walk) was the best that he had ever tasted. Congratulations to Judith and Clive!

Seasonal Fruit and Veg
More and more lovely fruit and veg coming in to season from our local growers at the moment. It’s also Pick Your Own time of the year. There is a small PYO at Rode which, I believe is chemical-free. Turn right at the first crossroads coming from BoA, then it’s on the left before you cross the bridge. Please tell us if you know of others in the area.

Is Organic Better?
Pesticide Action Network (PAN) UK supports organic agriculture for a number of reasons
In comparison to non-organic methods organic agriculture uses fewer pesticides and in smaller amounts
Organic agriculture is more beneficial to biodiversity and the environment in general
Organic produce reduces dietary exposure to pesticides

Landworkers Alliance
The Landworkers Alliance calls for a Climate, Food and Agriculture Bill creating a comprehensive set of land use, food, agriculture and trade policies implemented across all government departments in the UK. Although some of their statistics perhaps need some updating, I think that their recommendations ‘For Inclusion in Policy’ – page 16 of their document – are particularly good.

The National Food Strategy
The Environment Secretary Michael Gove has appointed Henry Dimbleby to conduct this year-long review, and to then set out his recommendations within six months of its completion. Government will then publish an ambitious, multi-disciplinary National Food Strategy, the first of its kind for 75 years, in the form of a White Paper. His first interview in the Times makes me wonder what path this is going to take us down. We’ll see!   Ros Edwards