July Meeting Report

Our July meeting was addressed by John Hindley from the Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL). This international organisation seeks to address three issues: Pollution, Inequality and Climate Change. Its strategy can be summed up in four words: Tax Carbon, Pay People.

What CCL proposes is that fossil fuels, the burning of which is responsible for much of the pollution we endure in addition to the production of greenhouse gases which contribute to Climate Change, should be taxed and the resultant revenue distributed equally to every citizen, thereby reducing inequality.

In other words: the polluter pays. The biggest polluters would be taxed the most and the smallest polluters the least. The tax on fossil fuels would increase steadily year on year while, at the same time, the citizens’ dividend would increase proportionately. Activities such as flying and driving gas-guzzling vehicles would become more expensive but, runs the argument, this would act as a disincentive for the use of fossil fuels.