July Meeting — Report

Ideas for how the world can manage catastrophes like climate change

It was timely to hear Dr Len Fisher at last months meeting on ‘Ideas for How the World Can Manage Catastrophes Like Climate Change’ and it’s not a pretty picture. Slides from his talk are available here. The Main Messages he wanted to put across were: ‘to cope with global catastrophic risks effectively, we need to tackle two key problems: co-operation and interconnectedness. The latter brings benefits, but also means that risk can become a reality with little or no warning’. He says ‘Even when we can see the train coming (as with climate change), we don’t know where the bits will land when it hits the buffers’ and that ‘We need new governance structures, and new attitudes to promote cooperation and flexibility in the face of sudden change’. He finished with a reassuring ‘GOOD LUCK!’.

Local scientist, author and broadcaster, Dr Len Fisher was a finalist in the $5M Global Challenges “New Shape” competition, which sought fresh ideas for the governance of global catastrophic risks such as climate change.