July meeting – Citizens Climate Lobby

Monday 15 July at 7.00 for 7.30.  We will hear from John Hindley about (another) intriguing solution to how we can go about cutting carbon emissions. The title of his talk is: ‘Three Problems, One Solution: Pollution, Inequality, Climate Change’

He writes: The Carbon Fee & Dividend policy for which we’re campaigning can (unlike carbon taxation by itself) be expected to redistribute income downwards as well as providing substantial health benefits through cleaner air. I shall explain why we believe climate change requires a political solution, why we think this is the most politically feasible as well as the most effective one available. The policy itself is to impose a steadily rising fee on fossil fuels as close as possible to their source and to distribute the revenue as a citizens’ dividend. I shall also explain how we seek to build consensus through respectful relationships with others including our elected representatives. Another thought provoking meeting in prospect!

The Quaker Meeting House, 1 Whiteheads Lane, Bradford on A BA15 1JU