July 2019 update

Bradford-on-Avon Domestic Solar PV Offer
One of the key issues facing CFB’s aim to help Bradford-on-Avon’s carbon neutral commitment is to see a widespread take-up of solar systems by the homeowners of the town and its parishes. This matter has also been flagged by Bradford on Avon Town Council. Using the simple economic formula, that the lower the price the higher the demand, we are informing you about AEL Solar’s discounted solar offer.

With this offer homeowners can: save carbon; save and earn money; and contribute to reducing the growing threat of climate change. We are presenting this offer to CFB members but it is up to each individual to talk to AEL and decide if they wish to take it up as CFBoA cannot as a group endorse a commercial operation. We encourage you to book a survey and make your own decision. More here