Ideas for Plastic-Free Gardening

Will we ever be plastic-free? Maybe not, but to know that a broken plastic flower pot which I threw away last week will still be around in 400 years is mind-blowing! Here are a few ideas to get you thinking as we try to break the ‘plastic’ habits and begin the process to greatly reduce our plastic use.

  • Use toilet rolls or newspaper to make seed and seedling pots.
  • Why not make your own plant labels using twigs or painted stones?
  • To support plants, use sticks cut from your garden. And although they are expansive, use terracotta pots rather than plastic ones – they look attractive too!
  • Wooden seed trays were used for many centuries, so how about trying them instead of plastic?
  • And when it comes to choosing new gardening equipment, why not opt for metal and wooden items instead of plastic?


There is an island the size of Wales that drifts around the Pacific Ocean. It is made entirely of plastic. Wouldn’t it be good to feel that we are not adding to it and doing our best for our children and grandchildren?

We don’t have all the answers so if you have some great ideas to share, please tell us. Thank you.

Happy Gardening!