Hydraulic fracturing — CFB’s position

CFB’s primary aim is to reduce carbon emissions by reducing our reliance on the burning of fossil fuels to create energy.

To this end the town is committed to becoming “Carbon Neutral by 2050” and CFB has been working with the town over the past 9 years to encourage people to live low carbon lifestyles.

To achieve this involves a three pronged approach:

use less energy;
become more energy efficient;
promote the generation of clean, renewable energy.

This means it is not possible for us to support the additional production of fossil fuels, such as fracking for oil or gas, which will lock us into the use of high carbon fuels for much longer. Accordingly CFB is opposed to fracking, in all its forms.

Rather, we are strongly in favour of accelerating the introduction of a wide range of clean, renewable energy – wind, solar, hydro and tidal in order to provide the energy the country needs.

CFB recognises that the move to a zero emissions economy requires political and economic leadership. It will continue to support politicians and businesses, both locally and nationally, that display that commitment.

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