Food Waste

When we throw away food we are not just wasting the food, but also the resources such as energy, fuel, time and water that went into growing, harvesting, storing, transporting and cooking it. We are also throwing away loads of money, averaging 100s of £s per household each year.

A new survey has found that the 5.3 million tons of food wasted by UK households every year represents 3% of the UK’s total domestic greenhouse gas emissions.  The report also found that the amount of water needed to produce food which is then wasted is the equivalent of 6% of the UK’s water requirements.

We all know this situation needs to improve, so what can we do about it?

The WRAP website is packed full of useful information and research that is really helpful to better understand the issues.

The Love Food Hate Wastewebsite has a wealth of really practical ideas, including recipes, to help you make the most of left over food.

But, we are improving!

Research by WRAP, in November 2011, showed that annual UK household food and drink waste has fallen by 1.1 million tonnes (13%) over a three year period, from 8.3 million tonnes to an estimated 7.2 million tonnes. This avoided food and drink waste would fill Wembley Stadium to the brim.

The reduction is a huge achievement. However, household food and drink waste remains the single largest proportion of UK food and drink waste at almost 50%, and more than 60% of this is avoidable – so there remains much more to do.