December update

Read all about how to “Banish Plastic From Christmas” here.

General news…

  • There is a new official standard identifying which wet wipes can be safely flushed down the loo – the “Fine to Flush” symbol. Natracare has launched what it claims to be Europe’s first truly moist tissue wipe and 2 Waitrose products, Fragrance Free and Lightly Fragranced moist toilet tissue, have also passed the stringent standard. Only flush wipes that carry the “Fine to Flush” logo are what they say. Put other wipes in the bin. Most of the sewer blockages are caused by wet wipes being flushed.
  • A new refill water point has been installed in the Atrium at County Hall in Trowbridge. It will help people to stay hydrated while avoiding single-use plastic bottles. Find a Refill Station by using the free Refill app available from the App Store or  Google Play.

    Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year, Maureen Wood