There are loads of opportunities for cycling in and around BoA.  More and more people are discovering the huge advantages of pedal power – zero emission transport, great for your health and wellbeing and often quicker than cars.

The National Cycle Network Route 4 (NCN4) runs through the South of the town, mainly on the K&A Canal path and the Wiltshire Cycleway (NCN254) runs through the heart of the town, N to S.  Both routes are shown on the Active Travel Map.

The cycling infrastructure in BoA is not particularly good at the moment and we are working with Wiltshire Council to make improvements.  We have cycleable routes plotted on paper, in the form of the BoA Cycle Network map, but we need to make this network a reality on the ground. The Town Council is fully on board, we now need to raise the money to get the routes and signage in place.

The two town primary schools run Bikeability cycling training schemes to encourage the children to cycle more and you’ll also see lots of young children scooting around town on their balance bikes – a great first step to learning to cycle!

To find out more about cycling in and around BoA why not have a look at   It’s in the early stages of development and welcomes input from others about what they would find useful on the site.