Clean Air Town

Bradford on Avon – A Clean Air Town?

Well, no. The traffic causes air quality problems and has done for years. There’s no quick and easy way to limit the traffic, so meanwhile why not change some of it?

We think Bradford on Avon is a perfect place for zero-emission electric vehicles (EVs), and we’d like to make the town a UK leader in cleaner transport.  Just imagine, a town centre with fewer fumes, less noise…

The Clean Air Town Electric Vehicle (EV) Group is pursuing several ideas to take things forward:

  • working with ZeroCarbonWorld to get more charging points installed in the town.  Four accommodation providers are signed up to this and Wiltshire Council installed 2 charging points in the station car park in the first half of 2013.
  • researching the possibility of an EV car club.
  • working with BoA Town Council to investigate a different approach to public transport in the town, using EVs.
  • promoting the use of EVs to demonstrate they are actually quite ‘normal’.

During December 2012 we were very fortunate to be given use of a Renault Kangoo ZE electric van by Platinum Renault, Trowbridge, which we used to make deliveries.  14 town centre shops worked with us and we delivered BoA Community Agriculture’s weekly veg. bags/boxes.  In total we made more than 80 zero emission deliveries. Brilliant!